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In 2017, a fortunate meeting at Dublin's vibrant jazz hub, The Jazz Lab, brought together three passionate musicians: Annalisa, Leopoldo, and Aidan. Their shared love for the enchanting melodies of bossa nova sparked a creative journey. Annalisa's roots in Argentina infused her vocals with a deep understanding of Latin American music. Meanwhile, Leopoldo's immersive experience in Brazil enriched their endeavour with authenticity, honed through years of study and performance. Aidan's fascination with South American guitar traditions added another layer of expertise. United by their admiration for the iconic Brazilian composer Jobim, they envisioned paying homage to his timeless compositions.

Supported by an award from the Arts Council of Ireland, the trio embarked on a dream project: arranging and recording an album dedicated to Jobim's legacy. Their quest for authenticity led them to collaborate with the immensely talented saxophonist and flautist, Michael Buckley. His mastery of Brazilian musical idioms added an unmistakable touch of genuineness to the recordings. Michael not only contributed with his musical artistry but also graciously opened the doors of his studio, the renowned House of Horns, where the magic of the album took shape under his skilled hands, from recording to the final touches of mixing and mastering.

Complementing the ensemble were Barry Donoghue on bass and Shane O'Donovan on drums, both revered figures in the Irish music scene. However, to capture the vibrant rhythms intrinsic to bossa nova, they sought out Gabriel Rodriguez, a seasoned percussionist hailing from Caracas, Venezuela. Gabriel's expertise in Brazilian percussion infused the tracks with the rhythmic dynamism essential to the genre, completing the ensemble's vision of a heartfelt tribute to Jobim's unparalleled legacy.


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