Annalisa Maria Monticelli, Pianist 

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Recent and future engagements and performances 




·         Recital in Galway cathedral in duo with Emma Johnson (Cl) and accompanist for Vox Orbis, 8 December 2022.

·         Workshop with singers and conductor Gillian Craig (Pianist). St Andrews, Scotland. 25 November 2022.

·         Improvisation workshop for instrumental teachers and second-level students. Corso di Musica Silva Monteiro, Porto, Portugal (facilitator).  November 2022

·         Italian coach for Don Pasquale, INO, November 2022

·         Castletown House, Ennio Morricone, a Celebration for piano trio, soprano and Baritone. (Arrangements and piano). 16 &17/10/2022.

·         Castletown House, Hibertango Quintet (Pianist and singer). 30/09/2022

·         DCU lunchtime concert series. 28/092022. (Solo piano music by Clara Schumann/Amy Beach and Vocal lieder repertoire).

·         National concert Hall, Business of Arts Award. Piano accompanist. IYTC. 22/09/2022.


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