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Hibertango Quintet

Hibertango Quintet

Hibertango Quintet was created out of pure love for the Argentine Tango. Their musical journey began in 2018, steadily gaining momentum & recognition. The group explore the different styles of Tango, presenting original arrangements for Quintet. 

Since their first performance as a trio, in 2018, the ensemble decided to explore richer sonorities adding two fundamental instruments of tango music: Accordion and Double Bass. All the arrangements performed by the quintet are original and come from Argentinean and Italian Composers. 

Selections from Hibertango live in Dublin, May 2019

Melancólico Buenos Aires, Hibertango Quintet, Dublin, May 2019.

Baile an Salsa, Irish-Latin Ensemble

Baile an Salsa, Irish-Latin Ensemble

Baile An Salsa brings together an international mix of world-class musicians to deliver a distinctive blend of Latin rhythms and traditional Irish Music – a fusion which they call “Salsa-Trad.” The musicians seamlessly blend their influences from Latin America, Europe and the United States to create a contemporary twist of traditional tunes with original compositions. Vocals in English, Spanish and Irish, provided by the band’s founder, Andres Martorell, meld with the group’s vibrant combination of instruments, creating a full, rich sound that is fun and danceable.

Baile An Salsa has enjoyed popularity worldwide since forming in 2012 in Galway city. Their self-titled debut EP received airplay and rave reviews at home in Ireland and as far away as Poland, South America, Singapore and China (where their songs were played at Salsa Festivals). This success was quickly followed by a live appearance on RTÉ1’s “The Late Late Show” and the release of their first full-length album, Tribú. The group has performed live on several radio and television programs, including a 2015 feature about the three year history of Baile An Salsa on TG4’s “Imeall.”

Their positive message of diversity and unity contributes to their growing appeal, which allows the band to perform at a variety of cultural gatherings. In Ireland and the USA, they have thrilled big crowds at concerts and festivals, including Kansas City Folk Fest, Kansas City Irish Fest, Galway Oyster Fest, Dublin’s Temple Bar Trad Fest, Kilkee’s Ché Do Bheatha Latin America Festival, Cork Gathering Festival, Galway Guinness Festival, and the Philadelphia Folk Fest where they had listeners dancing all the way up the hillside at the Main Stage. Powerful and engaging, Baile An Salsa’s energetic and entertaining stage performance makes it nearly impossible for their audience to stay in their seats!

Multicultural Baile An Salsa recently combined several Latin styles, Irish trad and a little bit of funk to complete the recording of their second full-length album. Produced by five-time Grammy winner, Walter Flores, at the world famous Grouse Lodge in central Ireland, the new album features music performed and perfected over the past year.


“Baile An Salsa”: EP (2013)
“Tribu”: Full length CD (2014)
“Ériu” : Full length CD (2018)

Baile an salsa: Louth Samba

Baile an Salsa: Ya no mires pa'tras


 The Azulejos Latin-American concert series was created in the Royal Irish Academy of Music, In January 2016, by the collaboration between Berginal Rash, American clarinetist resident in Ireland, and myself.
On that occasion, we performed and coached Latin-American music for different ensembles with various performers from the Riam that never before performed any Argentinian music. The experience was very successful for the students and the audience.  
Since then I took over the organization of the Azulejos concert series. In 2017 Azulejos was in Resident in St Anne's Church with a Series of Lunchtime concerts that showcased different ensemble and soloist (including Mercedes Trinchero, Berginald Rash, Anna Marcosi among others). The most recent performance was in The Royal Irish Academy of music in January 2018, with the occasion of the visit of Argentinian folk and tango Pianist Eugenia Guzman. This was a very successful occasion, with a full house that included the Argentinian ambassador in Dublin and her staff. 

Azulejos Concert Series Launch, January 2016, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin.

Trio Garua, Argentinian tango, folk and classic music.

Trio Garua, Argentinian tango, folk and classic music.

Present in cold dark evening as on summer nights, garúa is the fine drizzle that often comes down in Ireland. It can be disturbing, especially when accompanied by gailing winds, but it can also be refreshing. This same bittersweet element is one almost omnipresent in tango. 
The trio was created to explore and enjoy the passion for tango that all members share. Annalisa and Mercedes are both Argentinian. As soon as the music begins fond memories arise and some lunfardo words come up, which Sam is always willing to repeat and learn.

O Barquin.o

Somewhere in the Hills.

Blue Skies, Jazz quintet. June, 2017

Balada para un Loco, Pache

Corcovado, Annalisa Monticelli & Fabio Bonanno